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Šibenik has several fortresses that served as a defense system in the past, and one of the most famous is certainly the Fortress of St. Nicholas, located at the entrance to the channel of St. Ante, which leads to the port of Šibenik. The interesting thing about this fortress is that it is one of the best-preserved examples of Renaissance fortification on the Adriatic, which is why it has become a popular destination for tourists and visitors who want to explore the rich history of this area.


Šubićevac is a neighborhood in Šibenik that is located outside the city walls, and it got its name from the noble Šubić family from Šibenik. The neighborhood where the stadium of the Šibenik Football Club is located.


Solaris is a tourist resort located not far from Šibenik, and one of the interesting things about this place is that it is home to the first Croatian water park - "Aquapark Dalmatia". The water park consists of many attractions such as slides, wave pools, waterfalls, water tunnels and other interesting water playgrounds. This water park is one of the most popular attractions for families with children, but also for all lovers of fun on the water. In addition to the Aquapark, Solaris offers many other fun and sports activities, from golf courses to beach sports and many other attractions.

Old city

The Old Town in Šibenik represents the historical core of the city, and its history goes back to 1066, when it was founded. The old town's labyrinth of narrow streets, stone houses and beautiful squares offers a wonderful experience for all lovers of history and architecture. There are also numerous sights, including the Cathedral of St. Jakov, which is under the protection of UNESCO, and numerous museums, galleries and churches. The Old Town can be reached on foot, and parking is available in the nearby parking lot.

Krka 3

The Krka waterfalls are a natural oasis located in the Krka National Park, which consists of a series of waterfalls, lakes and canyons that offer an incredible view and the opportunity for activities such as swimming, nature walks and photography.


Kornati are located in central Dalmatia, on the Adriatic, between the islands of Dugi otok, Žirje and the town of Šibenik. The archipelago covers an area of ​​about 300 km², and the greater part of the territory is the Kornati National Park. The Kornati Islands are an archipelago of 140 islets and islands that cover an area of ​​about 320 km², with an incredible landscape, crystal clear sea and many hidden coves and beaches.

" I had great time with travel agency! Cozy trip and best travel service so far! "
Denise Griffin
IBIZA, 2018
" I had great time with travel agency! Cozy trip and best travel service so far! "
Jeff Douglas
IBIZA, 2018
" I had great time with travel agency! Cozy trip and best travel service so far! "
Kelly Bezos
IBIZA, 2018

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